Monthly Soundtrack Reviews: How To Train Your Dragon

Welcome to my new monthly feature - soundtrack reviews! It's about time, right? ;)

Over the years, I've gathered a lot of soundtracks, and they are essential to my writing process: both when I'm just daydreaming various plot threads, and when I'm really trying to engage with the emotions of a particular character or moment.

Music is its own kind of magic. It tells stories, it takes us out of our worlds and into new ones, and it makes us feel. What could be a better tool for a writer?

I've chosen to review soundtracks that lend themselves to a variety of genres. And I'm starting with one of my all time favourites.

Soundtrack: How To Train Your Dragon
Year: 2010
Composer: John Powell
Stand Out Track: Test Drive
Works Well With: Epic High Fantasy, epic anything, uplifting moments when your characters win.

I adore this soundtrack. It goes from merry to epic to dramatic to heart-breaking all the way back to heart-warming. It's a go to for the softer, happier moments of any story, and yet a track like Counter Attack will suit anyone needing a rousing battle theme. So many of the tracks just soar, perfect for characters roaming or exploring wondrous landscapes. Have a scene where your characters need to be filled with a sense of wonder? You really can't go wrong with Test Drive or the uplifting Coming Back Around. Characters facing up to a tough, unexpected reality? Try Where's Hiccup? And, my other favourite on this soundtrack, Forbidden Friendship, is another perfect piece for all those moments of discovery, especially when your new best friend is there ;)

While this soundtrack might be a bit too light for darker and heavier stories, if you're writing MG fantasy, you need this in your life.


  1. Once I'm finished my current edit, I'll be starting on a long-awaited MG fantasy with dragons. I WILL LISTEN TO THIS SO MUCH. I CAN'T WAIT.


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