Miss Cole's Tea Time - Willow Tea Rooms' Ceylon

Ceylon tea is a firm favourite, and when I was in Scotland last month, I was so happy to finally find Ceylon in loose leaf caddies rather than in bags. In fact, I found lots of Ceylon, so there will be more reviews in the future ;)

When I stopped at the Willow Tea Rooms for breakfast the second time, I had myself a pot of their delicious Ceylon tea. Now I'm home, I like to use it as my plot pondering tea. Editing has been a bit of a struggle lately, and so, with a cup of strong Ceylon (this definitely has a stronger taste than the Twinings Ceylon I've reviewed previously), I can sit down and mull over what it is that's not working in this book.

The issue is the main character. She's currently undergoing some major development, which will hopefully get the editing back on track.

How about you? Do you have a favourite tea to make when you need to sit down and think things through?


  1. Right now, I'm into white tea. Ceylon can get really strong really fast...it was one of my hub's favorites for a long time. I also love Earl Grey with a blue leaf when I can find it. Now, you have me wishing there was a tea store close by. Gosh, I miss those!

    1. A blue leaf? Cool!

      At least the Internet can help bring tea to you :D

  2. I absolutely love tea...black, green, red, white, herbal and caffeine free as well. Great post, thank you so much for sharing. :)


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