Meet My TBR Pile

I am desperately attempting to bring my TBR pile under control... Here's a photo:

On the left we have all my YA, and on the right all my adult novels. I should mention that everything from The Miniaturist up on the adult pile are books I'm borrowing from family members. As you can see, my adult pile does outweigh my YA. Just because I write YA doesn't mean I have to limit myself to only reading it. The more you read, the broader your horizons will be ^_^

So, here are some TBR pile stats!

Book Stuck In Here The Longest: I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's Everlost.

Newest Book: Not including what I'm currently reading, A Spy in the House and 172 Hours on the Moon.

Book I'll Be Reading Next: Oooooh... Probably one of the two James Smythe books... I really like his writing style.

Genres: Hmm, predominantly sci-fi and thrillers, although there's at least one alternate history in there...

How's your TBR pile shaping up? Share yours on your blog :D


  1. My TBR pile would require a panoramic shot :) It's out of control. I also separate mine between YA and adult.

    1. Mine seems relatively contained when I see other people's. I am about to add to it though ^^;

  2. You must read Noughts & Crosses - it's one of my all time favourite books and it's fantastic. :)

    1. It's waiting patiently for me to feel like reading a dystopian ;)

  3. I *really* need to do this! Must try to remember to get a better pick that my Twitter one... my TBR is absolute madness right now.


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