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2014 has been a pretty fangirly year for me. And, as always, I find myself thinking about the things I love and what they mean to me, and why I wouldn't want things to be any other way. This year, I've been to three amazing concerts, went to a brilliant YA convention where I got to meet fellow writers and bloggers, and indulged fangirl loves old and new alike.

So much fangirl indulgence...
Being a fan of something makes you part of the wider community of people who love it, too. I owe so many friendships to a shared love of fandom. And it's that shared love and appreciation that makes going to conventions so much fun - it's a safe place where you can really let your fangirl shine in all her squeeing, bouncing glory.

That thing you love, the stories and the characters, become so much more than fiction. They give you strength, they rub off on and inform your own life. And why shouldn't they? I definitely wouldn't be the kind of writer I am today if not for all that fangirl passion of mine. Colony is the best example: I wrote the first draft in early 2013 to help me through the way for Star Trek Into Darkness. I was so fired up by my passion for the fandom, I had to do something with all that energy. So I wrote a book I love. Yup. Over 50 rejections later, and I still adore Colony.

Fandom has seen me through dark times and good times, and I wouldn't want to give it up for anything. It's a place I can retreat to and a place I can be inspired by. And, as a writer, I can dream about how wonderful it would be to have people love my books the way I adore books like Northern Lights or Lirael.

Being a fangirl or fanboy is nothing to be ashamed of. Love what you love, find your place in the community, because there is a place for you, trust me, and know that even if people in your day-to-day life don't get it, plenty of other people on the Internet and at conventions do. Oh, do we ever get it.

The desk of a fangirl and writer
 What does fandom mean to you?


  1. HELL YES TO ALL OF THIS. :) Never, ever ever be ashamed of being a fangirl.

    For me as a fan in general, fandom means being able to enjoy what I love with a crowd of other awesome people who love it too. It means making friends, and thinking deeply about what I enjoy.

    For me as a writer, fandom taps into that fuzzy, hard-to-define feeling of WHY I write. I write because of the feelings I get being part of a fandom, those feelings of being sucked into a world and wanting more of it. I write because I'd love to give others a world they can explore and become fans of.

    Fandom is just so, so amazing.

    1. It is hard to define, isn't it? I really struggled to find the words, and you've summed it up really well - it is about being sucked into another world.

      Fandom for life!

  2. Great post, I totally agree with you. :) My parents - my mum in particular - can't quite understand why, at 23, I've put a Ravenclaw scarf on my Christmas list. I think a part of her worries about the fact that I still love Disney movies now as much as I did when I was 5. There have been times when I've even thought to myself 'hm, maybe this kind of behaviour really isn't normal', but then I remember that I shouldn't have to stop loving something that I love just because other people find it strange. Am I way more of a fangirl than anyone else in my family? Yes. Would I change that? No, not for the whole world because loving the things that I love makes me who I am, and honestly some of the things I love - Harry Potter being the biggest example - have offered me comfort at times when other people just couldn't. :)

    1. Never stop loving the things that make you happy, no matter what anyone says :)

  3. I think people shame other people for what they love needlessly. Why stop someone from loving something? It's a wonderful thing to love something. One of my favorites is Dr. Who. I'd love a ride in the T.A.R.D.I.S. ^_^

    1. It's a real shame when someone has to hate on someone because of something they love. So what if you don't like it? Don't bring someone else down with you.

      If it's a ride with the Tenth Doctor, I'm coming too! :D


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