Miss Cole's Tea Time - Silver Lantern Teas

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I'm back with lots more tea, hooray! :D

Today I'm sharing tea from the fantastic Silver Lantern, a company that encourages and helps you make your own tea blends! It's so much fun, and a great way for picky people like myself to branch out a bit ^_^

Each pack has suggestions of other types of tea to blend with it. I decided to make an afternoon blend to go with a Sunday afternoon editing session. Now, the exact mix is up to you, and I went pretty heavy on the Assam, but a pinch of Darjeeling and Oolong made a really delicious blend.

I'm definitely going to explore more blends. You can buy tea subscriptions from them (which is what my brother did for me), and learn to make a variety of blends. If you're a super adventurous tea drinker, or need a little encouragement to try different types, Silver Lantern is the place to go. Be sure to check out their Blendology page. Pick up a few different types and see what delicious tastes you can create.


  1. Oooh, this is so cool! I've seen the Fandom blends on Adaigo US, but Adaigo UK doesn't have any custom blend option and I've always been curious about it. It seems like a massive untapped market in the UK.

    (One of my writer friends, Ryan Graudin, makes tea blends for his stories. I *really* want to do this!)

    1. :O What a brilliant idea!!

      I'm definitely going to get a few other teas and make up some new blends as soon as I can ^_^


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