Miss Cole's Tea Time - Scottish Breakfast from Willow Tea Rooms

While in Glasgow last week, I took the opportunity to visit both branches of The Willow Tea Rooms. It would've been a crime to leave Scotland without Scottish Breakfast Tea ;)

This tea is so smooth. I just love it. What a perfect morning editing accompaniment this tea makes. Perfect for a calm start to your day, or a way to soothe your mind before you get to work on your WiP. It's not as strong as English Breakfast, and lacks the slight flowery taste of Irish breakfast. In fact, I'd say if you were looking for a first ever black tea to try, this would be a great one to start with. 

It has very fine leaves, so be sure to give it plenty of time to brew otherwise you'll find yourself drinking hot milky water. Four minutes should be the minimum.

And if you ever find yourselves in Glasgow, be sure to try out the Willow Tea Rooms. I highly recommend the French Toast. Oh, and the shortbread ;)


  1. Oh, wish I could go there! Lovely :)

  2. I loveeeee Scottish breakfast tea. Prefer the punch of English Brekkie early in the morning, but it's a lovely all-day blend.

    1. I could *definitely* drink this tea all day. It's just so smooth and refreshing. It's definitely an "Aaaaaaaaah!" tea ^_^


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