Embrace Editing/Revising/Rewriting/Whatevering

When you start editing, there can be a sense of barely restrained panic, like "this is the worst thing
ever written. Imagine if other people saw the wreck that is this draft."
(For the purposes of this post, Obi-Wan is you and clueless C3P0 there is your MS ^_^)

Guess what. It's probably not that bad. And if it is, you can make it better. A lot better. Drafts aren't meant to come out  ready to be published or queried. Drafts are all about the initial rush, about getting it down so you can really sort it out into a proper book later. And that's why editing shouldn't be this thing you hate. See it as an opportunity to take the basics of your story and turn it into something amazing. And don't worry if your first edit or even your second edit doesn't turn that draft into a perfect final draft. For some people, editing takes one go (you lucky gits). For a lot of us though, it's a gradual process. I do it in stages, with different areas of focus. Like I've just started my second edit, which will be the wondrous, joyous process of line edits.

Hehehe...yay... ^^;

And as tedious and time-consuming as deleting FIVE HUNDRED buts was, I am nevertheless one step closer to having a shiny MS. And that's why editing isn't really so bad: it's a means to an end :) Hang in there, and get polishing.


  1. Editing can be tedious, but it's essential! I tend to micro-edit as I go along because I can't leave grammatical errors well enough alone, but I always go through at least 6-7 rounds of edits, usually starting with fixing plot, then character, then things like worldbuilding, description and line edits. Like with my latest book, I think the version you read was Draft #3, while the document I'm tweaking now is named Draft #6! And there's another round left, after I get more feedback... sometimes it feels like a never-ending cycle, but it'll be so worth it! :)

    1. I have at least 6 drafts before I consider a book "finished". It's always best to split it up and focus on different sections to make sure you don't miss anything.


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