The Writing Lifestyle: What Does That Abbreviation/Word Mean?

Don't know about you, but when I first started blogging and saw lots of unfamiliar terms, I felt a bit lost and way too nervous to ask anyone what they meant.

After a while, it all became clear, so I thought I'd put together a handy guide of the things you'll see on writer's blogs and what they mean. If I've missed any, please share them in the comments below.

MS: Manuscript
WiP: Work in Progress
MC: Main Character
MSWL: Manuscript Wishlist - and here's the AMAZING website where agents will post a list of exactly the things they want to read!
SNI: Shiny New Idea
ARC: Advanced Reader Copy
Pantsing/Pantser/Pantsed: Those of us who write without much idea of where we're going
Plotters/Planners: Those of you who plot out your story before you write it.
TBR Pile - To Be Read Pile. You know, all those books you've bought but haven't read yet. You know you have one.

I love how the writing community has its own language. It makes so much sense once you understand it all, and I'm here to make sure no one feels excluded for not knowing what everyone's going on about. "So, my MS is a WiP, but I just had this amazing SNI that totally fits in with an agent's MSWL post!" Makes sense now, right? ;)


  1. I sometimes forget this and confuse all my Facebook non-writer friends by raving about SNIs and WIPs. :P It really is its own language!

    1. I know. I get a few "Huh?!" looks now and then and have to translate myself :P

  2. This post was a great idea! And LOL, I noticed the "those of us" vs. "those of you" distinction in the pantsers & plotters section. ;)


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