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Ah, The Process. It takes time to develop it, but once you have what works for you, you have your process. And remember this: your way of writing is totally fine. Never ever feel like because someone writes another way, your way is wrong.

There is no such thing as a "Right" way to write.

I do get rather upset when other writers put down the choices of others. Writing in a coffee shop does not make me a bad writer. Pantsing rather than plotting does not mean my books are awful. Not sticking to a rigid timetable doesn't mean I lack dedication.  My way is my way, and it works for me. It probably doesn't work for the majority of others, and that's fine! Share your process - I love learning how other people work, it's fascinating - but never shame someone else for theirs. Support each other. We're all different, but we're all writers, and we create our books in our own ways.


*steps off soapbox*

Opinions: I Have Many

My process has changed over the past few years, especially since I began this blog, but the basics have always been there. I've never been a plotter. I cannot follow an outline. I might have a vague idea where I'm going in my mind, but getting there is part of the adventure.

I used to write my first drafts completely out of order. Don't do that anymore. I used to handwrite first drafts. Don't do that either. I never used to keep notes, but I certainly do now.

Oh, and I never used to edit. "That's it, written! How can it not already be perfect?" Well, thank goodness that was me as a teenager. Writing two huge dissertations for my final year at university cured me of that ;)

Basically, my process boils down to this:

Music (sooooo much music)
Notebook (for editing notes and for writing scenes when I'm out and about)
Making it up as I go along (PANTSER FOREVER!!!!!!!)
Tea. Oooooh, so much tea.
Sticker chart! (That's new)
Rewards for goals (cupcakes ^_^)

So, how does your process work?


  1. Mine is somewhat similar - laptop, making it up as I go along, complaining because I don't know what's going on, more making it up, SO MUCH EDITING, more editing, a bit more editing, some freaking out, eating baked goods because I hate my WIP, OMG more freaking editing WHY???, sending to betas, relief, more eating

    1. Just focus on reaching the relief stage ;)


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