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Writers might be stuck in their rooms on their own, hammering at keyboards and hanging out with imaginary people but, thanks to the Internet, we have an amazing community. All you have to do is check out a few blogs or join Twitter to find people who write and want to share their experiences with others. The writing community is so supportive, and it's a great way to motivate yourself, too. It's also a great place to turn to when your rejections mount up, and when you get the good news! People will cheer you on, and you can cheer back and help out during events like Pitch Madness and WriteOnCon by retweeting their pitches and critiquing their work. The online community is also a wonderful place to find, and become, a beta reader and critique partner.

The Internet is where you can find local events to attend in person. I'm so excited to be off to another writing retreat in Brighton at the end of the month (although whether I'll be writing or editing remains to be seen). Google your local area and see what you can find. Maybe you can even be the person who sets a writing group up.

I'm really hopeful we'll have another YALC in London next year, too :D

And don't forget your real world, non-writing friends. Sometimes the writing has to wait while you dust off your social skills.

Where's your favourite section of the writing community? 


  1. I love Twitter! ^_^ I really hope YALC is back next year, too!

    1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another YALC because this time I'm going to do the whole thing!


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