The Summer of Blogging Review and the Autumn Blogging Schedule

I made it through the whole summer with my four posts a week schedule. I really hope you've all enjoyed it. Blogging regularly again feels great. I didn't realise how much I'd missed it, and I really want to carry on with it.

I've loved sharing my favourite teas with you, and the Writing Lifestyle series has been so much fun to put together. I think my favourite post had to be my Writer's Summer Lookbook. Yes, I'll be sure to put together a winter one when the time comes and the weather really cools off.

You never know, I may even find time to do another Vlog...

As Autumn draws in, so too do changes to my day job. As such, I will be taking a blogging break September 29th to October 12th to get to grips with said changes. My new blogging schedule will begin on October 13th. I'm hoping to keep it fairly similar to the summer schedule, but with the end in sight for the weekly Writing Lifestyle series, I may move my Thursday posts to Fridays. I also want to focus on finishing my current WiP, and one less blog post a week will certainly help.

Thank you all for reading and commenting on my blog over these past summer months. Hello, lovely new followers! It's wonderful having you all here, and I really appreciate it. I promise to do my best to keep my blog worth reading. If there's a writing subject you'd like me to cover, let me know in the comments. I'm definitely open to suggestions.

Oh, and don't worry. The tea reviews will definitely continue well into winter.



  1. That gif makes me want to sip the, mug. :)

    1. hahah, it's great XD

      ...I think I need to put the kettle on...


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