Miss Cole's Tea Time - Fortnum and Mason's Breakfast Blend

Fortnum and Mason's Famous Teas are my happy place. They're a little taste of luxury in every cup. Their Breakfast Blend is just right: strong enough to get you going, mellow enough to relax you right before the start of the day. It comes loose leaf or in individually wrapped bags, which means if you have to take some to the day job, you don't have to worry about putting them in a box to keep them from tearing. So handy! I like to drink Fortnum's as a treat, and as last week was a good writing week, I thought I'd get this one off to a delicious start, too.

This is a milder breakfast tea than last week's. Probably a good one for those of you who know you like your breakfast blends but want to have a special one on standby.

It's also great if you want a calm, bookish start to your day, rather than throwing yourself straight into writing...

...Especially if the book you're reading is full of zombies and violence XD


  1. I always want a calm, bookish start to my day. Rarely happens, but hey, a girl can dream!


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