Editing Prep

Oh yes, the time to edit another book is very nearly upon me. Magical Girl!Story (I will come up with an actual title soon, heheheheheheeee ^^;;;;) is the second draft of the year for me, but it's the first I've wanted to do anything with, as the first book I finished this year, Violin!Story, is really and truly just for me.

First and foremost, I had to print off the actual MS:

I've quite literally boxed my MS up while I take a short break. I'm going to another writer's retreat at the end of the month, and that's when I want to get started.

And I've gathered various tools to join the MS in the box. The good thing about editing is the more you do it, the easier it'll be to develop your method of doing it.

So excited to bust out my Work in Process folder again! :D

I need to rearrange my desk, too. Not entirely sure if my current set up will work, but we'll see. It's definitely a tighter squeeze now I have an external monitor and a keyboard... I'll have to discover what works best :)

So, how do you prepare for editing? Do you take time off or do you dive right in? Have you go specific tools or is it different every time? Any tips on how to squeeze editing space onto an already overloaded desk?


  1. I usually take time off, but sometimes an issue will come up as I'm writing that I want to fix right away while my head's still in that story's world. I used to print hard copies, but ink and paper are pretty expensive! I draft in Scrivener and edit in Word, which helps me look at it with fresh eyes.

    I love what you wrote on the box! Haha.

    1. I really feel I need the distance from this even though I am so eager to dive right in. I know it'll do me some good to clear my head of it for a while...

      ...If I could stop thinking about it, that is :P


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