WriteOnCon - A Look Back

Yeah, yeah, I know, it only just ended, but WriteOnCon was amazing, as always. Want to know how many ninja agents commented on Colony?




Oh, stop it! Quick pro tip: if you go into WriteOnCon expecting agent feedback and interest, chances are you'll be in for disappointment. Getting noticed by an agent is a total bonus.

So, do you know who did comment on Colony? A whole ton of amazing writers who've helped me craft a stronger query letter and a better opening to the novel.  And, for me, this is what WriteOnCon is really about - connecting with other writers and sharing a passion for writing. And getting sneak peeks of books that BETTER BE ON MY SHELVES ONE DAY, OKAY?!

Sharing your work with your peers is every bit as scary as sending it to agents, and everyone on the forum understands that.  Everyone's there to help.  And so much of the work on offer was amazing.When these authors are published, we will all be in for some real reading treats!

Don't be down if, like me, you remained unnoticed by the agents. You can still query them! And now you have a shiny new query to wow them with! Gooooooo!

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to read my query, first 250 and first 5 pages. Your advice and encouragement is hugely appreciated!


  1. At least u were brave enough to post!

  2. Seriously Kuzco gif...the best! xo

  3. I actually DID get a comment from a Ninja this year! But it was two lines saying my query was interesting but a couple lines had too much voice. Useful, but hardly career changing feedback.

    I totally agree that the best part was the feedback from other participants and I'm excited that my query package is better now than it was before.

    1. I always resume querying post-WoC feeling excited about the new query letter I have to offer. It's so great to be part of such a supportive community ^_^

  4. Aw no, I missed it again! I wanted to check out WriteOnCon this year, but got sucked into Day Job Hectic-ness. That's awesome that you got feedback on Colony. I'm sure it'll grow even stronger from here!


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