Why I'm (Kinda) Planning My Rewrite

Rewriting a book isn't something I'm unfamiliar with, but this is the first time I've done it on such a huge scale.  The previous book was Resistance.  I've currently retitled it Magical Girl, even though it's sci-fi :P


I'm keeping better notes because a bunch of ideas I've had over the past few years are coming together to form this new book, plus there are parts of the original Resistance I very much want to keep... Whether or not I can remains to be seen ;) I want to keep this rewrite under control and not let it run away from me, hence the kinda... sorta... planning... ish... It feels more like the notes I make during the editing phase, rather than the kind of planning I see some of you blog about.

Essentially, I have a lot of ideas buzzing about and I want to keep track of them all. 

No matter what, I'll always be a pantser at heart.  The story has already developed one subplot I had no idea I was going to incorporate.  However, by writing down the characters I'm moving from Resistance to Magical Girl (lulz!), I can plot their downfalls. Oh yes, I will definitely be killing some of my darlings this time.  So plan, eh, kinda.  Pantsing? Of course!

Alas, I've run out of whiteboards, so for now I'm using a big sketchbook and an A4 notebook to keep track of everything... Hmmm... Maybe if I do plan this a bit without totally killing the idea, I'll treat myself to a third whiteboard...


  1. Yay for planning! I know a few pantsers who plan their revisions or rewrites. If you have a lot of material to work with, it can help to organise it all! Have fun with it! :)

    1. It's definitely going to help me keep everything in order, which will stop me from getting lost or tangled in plot threads.

  2. Good luck with the planning! It gives the pantser in me hope. :)

    1. lol! I could never plot a book I hadn't written, but planning a rewrite makes a lot of sense :)


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