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Writers and notebooks go together.  I like to have one per project, as well as one for blogging purposes, one for my character bank, one for general idea hoarding and others awaiting their turn to be put to use.

I've gathered quite a few over the years, and they make a nice, decorative addition to my writing space.

My used ones live on a shelf to the right of my desk.  A handful of these contain the first drafts of Resistance, others hold short stories from my old writing class, some have ideas I began and haven't quite finished yet, and at least one dates back to my teens.

I've had the bear since birth and the dragon since 1993

The notebooks waiting to be used live in my brilliant IKEA trolley, along with the files I use to carry pages when I'm editing.

Some I've bought myself, others have been thoughtful and perfect gifts over the years.  All of them culminate in a collection of wonderful words I hope you will all get to read someday... Well, the more polished versions of them anyway ;)

Do you have a notebook collection? Where do you keep them all?


  1. Notebooks notebooks notebooks! I love notebooks. :D

    I've just picked up two new ones. Trying to slowly move out of my Moleskine comfort zone, 'cos they're expensive with the rate I go through them, but not sure which brands are reliable.
    Picked up a pretty underwater blue moleskine:
    And a Penguin book spines one:

    And two old, well-filled favourites are the 2012 Hobbit notebook:
    And the 2013 Hobbit Notebook:

    1. I looove that Penguin one! So pretty ^_^ I've never actually owned a Moleskine. This is an oversight I may have to correct...


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