Miss Cole's Tea Time - Clipper Breakfast Tea

Aaah, Clipper Tea.  This is another favourite.  It's got such a relaxing taste, but there's a nice little kick at the end of each sip, so it's equally invigorating! And I love how eye-catching their boxes are.  Clipper makes a great everyday brand.  And they have loads of great teas to choose from! Knowing I have so many more blends of theirs to explore is quite exciting :D

This is a breakfast tea in a tea bag and I love to have a cup on the weekends when I can get up and get straight to writing.  When you're in the flow of a first draft, tea-related distractions can get in the way.  Making tea with teabags makes is less fiddly than using leaves, and a good brand like Clipper means you won't lose out on taste.  It's faster, too, although I recommend brewing for a minimum of one minute so you can get a real taste of the tea. 


  1. Mmm, I would love a nice cup of Clipper tea right now. I'm lucky that our office is a fan of their everyday blend. :D I'll need to try their English breakfast one though!

    1. Lucky! I have to take mine to work with me. Currently taking this exact blend :D


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