Miss Cole's Tea Reviews: Kent and Sussex Breakfast Tea

For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to review a range of breakfast teas, because what could be a better start to your writing day?

This week, I'm covering the light, tasty and perfectly priced Kent and Sussex English Breakfast blend.  From the first sip, it's a soothing, warming blend that will get you ready for your day.  Because this is the thing about tea.  You drink it because it's relaxing, and this blend will clear your mind, ready for a good day of writing.  If you're feeling stressed about the upcoming day, here's the perfect tea to settle your mind.  It's one of those take a sip and go "aaaaaaah" teas ;)

A little goes a long way with this blend.  It has large leaves, so you don't need a lot to make yourself a lovely cup of tea.  Brew for at least four minutes, have yourself something good for breakfast, and plan out your morning writing as you enjoy this delicious blend.


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