Finishing Things Off

Lately, I've been really dedicated to finishing things off before buying or starting new things. Finishing bottles of shampoo, finishing shower gels, finishing packets of tea, finishing notebooks.  I really like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing something off.  It's also a great money saving tip.  Hello, budget! I am sticking to you :D

(Except you, Lush section of my budget. You are blown. Constantly and forever blown)

Obviously, finishing a draft or an edit feels amazing, but finishing a smaller goal, like a particular word count for the week, or hitting a particular number of pages before taking a break, is a great way to give yourself a boost. I have to admit I don't stick to a finish this book before starting the next one mindset because I tend to cycle through WiPs until one idea sticks (like Colony and, currently, Magical Girl!Story). 

I've had such a busy summer at work, setting myself achievable goals really kept me going. Another thing I've proudly finished off every week is my summer of blogging. Posting regularly on here again has been brilliant. I didn't realise how much I'd missed posting to a schedule.

If only I could apply the philosophy of "Finish One Thing, Start Another" to my book buying habit... hmm... Imagine life with a one book at a time TBR pile...

I have absolutely no photos to accompany this post, so have a cute gif instead.

And the video it comes from:

;) Now go get stuff done! THE POWER OF CUTE COMPELS YOU!!!!


  1. A bunny and a kitty! Too cute. I'm hoping to finish a first draft this week- and needed that kick in the pants of go get stuff done. So, yeah, I'm going! ;)

    1. Good luck! And thanks for following my blog ^_^

  2. Ah, your post has perfect timing! I'm trying to figure out how to squeeze in three majorly ambitious writing goals before year's end. I'm thinking it's probably wiser to dive into one and work like crazy to finish THAT one before worrying too much about the other two. :)

    1. That definitely sounds like the better option :) Good luck!


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