The Writing Lifestyle: Events, Classes And All That Jazz

After going to YALC a couple of weeks ago, I'm all about going to writing/book events.  There are loads to look for - Google it! Some aren't terribly expensive.  Some break the bank.  All are a great way to engage with other people in your creative world. And don't forget the AMAZING WriteOnCon, which you can attend for free from your laptop! I'll be taking Colony there for the first time this year.

Writing is a lonely craft, but it doesn't have to be.  You and I are both tiny parts of a much bigger universe. And it doesn't only exist on the internet. You may be able to find writing groups in your local area.

Materials from my old writing group

The joy of joining a group is being surrounded by your fellow writers and having people you can bounce ideas off.  They can also be a great way to have your work critiqued.  I took an early version of Resistance to my old writing group and, thanks to the input of the other writers, made massive changes to the story that helped me move forward.

I'm attending New Writing South's Stop F-ing About And Write class in August and I'm super excited! In fact, all my fellow UK writers should check out the New Writing network, as there are groups all over the country.

SCBWI is another amazing group you can join to surround yourself with other writers.  They have chapters all over the planet.

You can go on writing retreats... One of these days I will go on an Arvon course!

And, of course, we have our wonderful blogging world! Hi, everyone! :D


Writing may seem lonely, but you're not really alone. 


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