Miss Cole's Tea Time: Bluebird Tea Company

Today I'm sharing a new, local find. Bluebird Tea Company is based in my hometown of Brighton. And the good news is they ship worldwide, hooray!

I'm reviewing their Great British Cuppa blend today, but they have an amazing range of blends for you to explore :D

The first time I picked up a bag of their tea was at one of Brighton's food festivals.  Finding their little shop in the North Laine area of Brighton was very exciting.

So, here we go!

One teaspoon, add hot water, brew for at least four minutes.  A single teaspoon of leaves might not look like enough, but it's the perfect amount. You'll get a fantastic cup of tea!

This is a great morning and afternoon tea.  It has a good, strong flavour to keep you focused as you write.  That's the Assam again ;) I do love my Assam blends.

This is my other desk brewer, but I do have to be careful as it can drip... But tea stains do make my desk look oh so vintage ;) And, good news! Bluebird sell them, too.

Do you have any local tea companies you'd like to share? Any handy tea brewers?


  1. There's a Hebridean Tea Shop out on the Western Isles that I had the pleasure of visiting recently. http://www.hebrideanteastore.co.uk/

    They do a Madainn Mhath, Feasgar Mhath, and Oidche Mhath blend (Good Morning, Evening, and Good Night) which is really cute to see. :D Plus some smoky "blackhouse" tea which would be good for smoky tea fans.

    I'm not the smoky tea type, so I got their Madainn & Feasgr Mhath black teas and their Scottish tablet black tea. Really nice little blends -- the Scottish tablet is one of few black teas where the sweetness and tablet taste actually comes through.

    1. Oooh, thanks for the link! Some of those blends sound delightful ^_^

  2. That desk brewer is awesome!


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