How I Prep My Blog

When I decided to get myself into a better blogging schedule, I knew I was going to have to exercise some serious discipline; not to make sure I stuck to it, but to ensure I had the time to get it all done.

I started out with this notebook:

In it, I have a page per subject and then I made lists.  Tea lists, ideas for Thursday posts, and lists for my Writer's Lifestyle.  It's also a handy place to write posts while I'm out and about.

Next, I grabbed the planner I use for work and planned what I'd post when:

Blanked out bits relate to the day job :)

Then I started the job of actually typing these posts... And rapidly realised writing thirty-six posts in one go was not gonna happen.  So instead, I use my weekends to hammer out the upcoming week's posts.  I'll also take any necessary photos, find the music I need to share or gifs that sum up my points neatly.  I'll make sure they're all good to go, then I schedule the week's posts:

As I'm up quite early for work at the moment, I schedule them for 06:30 BST, tweet about them shortly after, and then make use of the wonderful, wonderful Tweetdeck to schedule a second tweet later in the day, usually later at night to take different timezones into account.

Not that I have anything scheduled right now...

While I'm on the subject of Tweetdeck, if you ever find yourself attempting to track a hashtag, like #PitMad, #SFFPit or #ukyachat, Tweetdeck is the perfect tool. You can have a column dedicated to the hashtag and it is so much easier to follow.

And there is my blog prep! How do you go about setting yours up? 


  1. I love TweetDeck! And I plan my blog in a similar way.

    1. It has to be one of my favourite online tools. So helpful!

  2. I try to get my Teaser Tuesday posts done on the weekends, and usually start composing other posts then, too. I've been slacking lately due to vacations and such, but plan to get back into the blog-prepping routine soon! Cheers, and thanks for stopping by!

    1. It's a great routine to be in. I'm hoping I can keep it up past the summer. Thanks for commenting!


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