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Hi there! I'm Gracie, from Style With Gracie, and today I'm guest posting here to share with you all some of my favourite relaxation treats.

Hands up if you deal with stress on a regular basis?? 

I can now picture a sea of hands shooting up into the air at the speed of light and a lot of inner voices saying 'I do, I do!'. Especially those of us that are part of the blogging and general writing community. 

Writing takes discipline, hard work and a lot of self motivation. The need to stick to deadlines, maintain consistency and avoid the dreaded writer's block create enough stress alone... throw in some negative feedback, self doubt and a few rejection letters and before you know it, we are reaching for a brown bag to hyperventilate into and tearing our hair out in handfuls. 

Ok, perhaps that may be a bit melodramatic but you get the picture. Stress is not nice and anything that helps alleviate is welcomed with open arms! Nothing combats stress better than a nice hot bath, so I have listed a few of my favourite bath tub treats and then a little something for afterwards that will help you drift off into a lovely, deep slumber.....

1. Rituals Bushido Ginger and Organic Bamboo Foaming Cream Bath £9.90

This stuff is AMAZING! The ginger scent is so aromatic and calming, that it warms you from the inside whilst the bath water does the same on the outside. I always feel really refreshed after using it, and the natural bamboo is said to leave your skin feeling really supple. I bought this on a whim from TKMaxx but you can get it here and enjoy its yummyness for yourself. 

2. Soap and Glory's Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath £6.00

My name is Gracie and I am a Soap and Glory - aholic.
I officially LOVE this range, and have never found a product that I don't like. The packaging is so cute, with its retro theme, and you get a lot of product for your money. As you can tell from the title, this luxurious foaming bath cream and its ingredients are designed to 'smooth you while they soothe you' and I find that it really delivers. If you have ever had the pleasure of owning a Soap and Glory Product, you will know what I mean when I say this product has their delicious signature scent. It is a scent that is really hard to describe... but if the colour pink had a smell, this would be it! The brand is exclusive to Boots the Drugstore, but they do have a website you can order from too.

3. Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection £33.00

These little gems have helped me through the most stressful of days! I bought this set because there's a huge assortment to choose from, and each one targets a different aspect. They have titles such as 'De-stress mind' and 'De-stress body' and you literally need just a couple of drops into a hot bath and you are ready to slip into a happy stated of aromatherapy scented oblivion. I find the packaging really pretty and decadent too.... there's something thrilling about selecting the little glass bottle out of the box and mixing it into the water like a little Alchemist... sad, I know. Find them here

4. Pecksniff's Aromatherapy Remedy Insomniacs Soothing Pillow Spray £12.00

After getting out of a nice hot bath and into my pyjamas, I love to sink into a fluffy pillow that has been misted with this spray. When I first used this, I was dubious as to whether it would work or would prove to be a gimmicky product. I had heard a lot about pillow sprays and their calming qualities, and always been intrigued by the This Works version but never invested. I found this as part of a set in (yet another) trip to TKMaxx and sure enough, a few minutes after settling down into its musky scent and I was yawning away with heavy eye lids. It is now my favourite calming product and an essential part of my 'De-stress Kit'. 

So there you have it, some products that will hopefully make life that little bit easier, they certainly help me!


  1. Oh wow, all of these sound lovely! Wish I was at home in a hot bath just now.

  2. I am getting myself some of those bath oils. They sound amaaaaaazing :D

  3. Cool! And perfect for aspiring


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