Sunday Inspiration - Star Trek in Concert

It's a bit hard to summarise the experience of hearing the soundtracks from Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness beyond me shrieking "FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS!", but I shall hereby do my best.

On Thursday and Friday I joined other fans at the Royal Albert Hall for the Star Trek Live in Concert performances. It was a great atmosphere, like I am with my people! Everyone was so happy, and there's nothing quite like experiencing something you love in a concert hall full of people who love it just like you do.

Oh, and Simon Pegg, Michael Giacchino AND JJ Abrams popped in, too. Whaaaaaat?!?!?! Here they are :D

I was blown away by the wonder, beauty and intensity of Michael Giacchino's amazing music.  Sometimes I just sat with my eyes shut and listened.  And hearing the Star Trek theme live was thrilling!

When the music soared, I felt like I could too.  It was like watching both films for the first time.  The excitement, the tension, the heartbreak, and the triumph all felt fresh and new because the music was so majestic.  I found myself watching the orchestra as much as the film - you cannot help but admire and be inspired by such skill.  I had chills.  I get chills remembering it.  I sat there, both nights, washed away by a tide of wondrous music. Watching an orchestra at work is so awe-inspiring.  You really appreciate just how hard they work.  And it looked so effortless, they became part of the action.  As a newbie violinist, I was transfixed by the wonder of real experts.  Such marvellous playing!

First night's seats

Second night's amazing view
If the opportunity to experience Star Trek Live in Concert ever comes your way, you have to go! You can check here to see if it's coming near you... and if it is - GO! And take some good friends ^_^

I mean, just imagine hearing this performed live...



  1. Kudos to Simon Pegg, Michael Giacchino and JJ Abrams turning up. I like it when the creators or actors get involved with these events. It shows how grateful they are for their fans and the fandom they build around the franchise. ^^ It's a nice, humble touch.

    1. Definitely. And the fans had a chance to say thank you, even if it was via lots of very loud cheering ;)

  2. Well that just looks all kinds of fun!

    1. Hahah, too many kinds of fun to accurately put into words ;)


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