Miss Cole's Tea Time - Fortnum and Mason's Royal Blend

Tea is a big part of my writing routine. I love to have a cup while I'm writing and a pot while I'm editing.  And I've noticed rather a lot of you love tea, too! So, I am hereby announcing my weekly Tea Review post! I'll be sharing some of my favourite teas to drink.  Price ranges and availability will range from affordable to treating yourself to something lovely. 

As I only drink black teas, if any of you are huge fruit, white, green or oolong drinkers, I'd love to be able to share this reviewing process with others.

I'm starting off with one of my favourite blends of tea, Fortnum and Mason's Royal Blend.  I can't go to London without stopping off to buy some... and for those of you not so close to London or even the UK, they deliver! HOORAY! I drink loose leaf, but it is available in bags and decaffeinated for those of you who enjoy a late night cup before bed.

The idea of using loose leaf tea is you get a better, fuller taste.  When I'm making a pot, I have a teaspoon of leaves per person and "one for the pot". When I'm making it for myself, I'll either use one of my brewers, Tea-Rex (who you'll meet soon!), or the adorable Tea Duck!

The thing I love about Royal Blend is, despite being a stronger tea, it has such a smooth and relaxing taste.  I tend to brew it for three minutes, add a dash of semi-skinned milk (aka half and half), and enjoy. I don't take sugar with my tea.  Royal Blend leaves quite a sweet taste in your mouth, too, which I really enjoy about it. 

I can have it beside me as I write and it's like knowing there's a treat waiting for me when I hit the end of a paragraph.  Since I didn't take my laptop to London last week, I've been really enjoying handwriting Violin!Story. It's quite nice to sit at my desk, tea ready, scribbling at top speed...

Have any of you ever had this delightful blend? If you enjoy black tea, or if you're a non drinker and would like a good blend to start with, I can't recommend this enough.

So, what's your favourite tea?


  1. What a fun idea to do tea reviews! I'm mainly a black tea drinker myself too, although I do occasionally have other kinds. I've never been to Fortnum & Mason's or tried their Royal Blend tea, but I'd love to experience both! My favourite tea ever is Cream Earl Grey. Not sure if you've tried it, but it has a lovely sort of floral almost caramelly taste to it. I've recently been able to purchase it in decaf as well, which is a plus. Hope the tea fuels lots of words this week, Cole! :)

    1. If you're ever on my side of the pond, you have to go. But why not order some and give it a try?

      I'm not the biggest fan of Earl Grey, but every now and then it's a lovely change.

      Thanks, Erin!

  2. So tempted to order some of this! A sweet-tasting black tea sounds lovely.

    Tea reviews are such a great idea... I've often considered having a tea spin-off blog, but (stupidly!) never considered just keeping them as part of the main blog. I'm a daftie. :D

    1. You should! It is delicious.

      I was on the school run yesterday and I suddenly realised my blog was severely lacking in tea reviews ;)

  3. Yes!!! Tea, books and writing-three of my favorite things! :) Haven't had this blend yet, but I do love me some black tea.

    1. I hope you have the chance to try it ^_^


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