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Welcome to Miss Cole's Tea Time, my weekly post in which I share great teas to write with...

...aaaand I still need to make that header ;)

Today's tea is one I also like to take to the day job with me, so you'll be glad to hear it comes in bags ;)

Actually, tea bags are very handy when you need to make tea in a hurry because you're caught up in the moment but really need a drink. As great and delicious tea leaves make every cup, sometimes you just have to go for convenience.

I discovered Clipper a couple of years ago, and it's a great tea with a really unique taste.  They have a couple of black tea blends, and I like the strong flavour of this one. A great pick me up when you're in the rush of a first draft.

You can leave the bag in for 2-4 minutes. I have a little pot to take to my desk so I can pop the bag in there. Work and brew tea simultaneously!

This is also one of my way more budget friendly teas ;) Check the availability of Clipper in your country here!


  1. I sometimes grab teabags when I'm in a rush too, especially when I'm too lazy to empty and wash out my tea infuser lol. And writing while brewing tea is a great way to multitask. This Clipper tea sounds good, especially since I favour black teas.

    1. It's lovely, and so is their English Breakfast Tea, which I will review at a later date ^_^

  2. Teabags ARE useful! I have them at work all the time. That Clipper box is really eye-catching, and ooooh - they have an English Breakfast?! One of my faves.

    1. They have great designs on all their bags.

      Their English Breakfast blend is really unique. I'll be sure to review it in the future :D


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