Making The Most of Your Beta Reader's Notes

Yesterday, I finished the easy part of Space!Story's edit.  I did the sentence tweaking, typo erasing, ellipsis deleting and general tidying.  As I went through  my beta readers' notes, I also kept the story's dedicated notebook open and wrote down the big changes. The stuff I needed to sit down and focus on specifically.  You know, the stuff I can't breeze through. Character development, better descriptions, better structuring... everything to make Space!Story go from being a good manuscript to something I can actually send to agents.

So, here's Miss Cole's Official How To Make The Most of Your Beta Readers' Hard Work Guide!

1) Read every single note in one go. Seriously. Take a day to blast through them. Always fun with Laura's 1019 NOTES ;) (and I love every one of them!)

2) Make some notes of your own in response - plot holes you need to fill, additions you need to make, paragraphs you need to trim, backstory you need to shuffle around...

3) Put the book aside. For a while.  Like, as long as you can. I held off close to a month this time and I have never felt so desperate to get back to something.

4) If there's some tough choices to be made, consider a pro and con list.  Emma made a really huge suggestion regarding two of my characters and I agonised over it until I wound up making a list.  Make sure your love for your manuscript doesn't blind you to the problems. 


6) Oh, and tell your betas they are all awesome human beings.  YOU'RE ALL AWESOME HUMAN BEINGS, BETA READERS!!!!


  1. And you're an awesome author. Good luck with the revisions, and you know my e-mail address if you want to chat about anything. :)

    1. Remind me to send the query and synopsis your way :P

  2. All right! Best wishes on tackling those tougher edits. Betas are worth their weight in gold. :)

    1. Yes they are!

      Thanks. Whee, getting so close now :D

  3. Good luck with this new round of edits!

  4. Love the suggestions, and the gif. ;) Good luck with all the revisions, I'm sure you'll rock them.


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