Happy Birthday Space!Story!

A year ago today, on a very snowy afternoon, I started writing Space!Story.  The whole experience has been pretty good. And to be this close to querying again makes me want to dance ^_^

Today, to celebrate Space!Story's first birthday and the fact that all the little details for querying are coming together, I thought I'd share the book's actual title.

...Oooh, I'm a little nervous.  I really hope you all like it :D

Space!Story is called...

...Honestly, I still refer to Colony in my own mind as Space!Story, which is a habit I should probably attempt to break myself of.

Whee, this is all so very exciting!!! :D


  1. Perfect title! I'm so excited! :D

  2. Happy birthday to Space!Story/Colony!

  3. Happy Birthday Space!Story ^^ How amazing would it be to celebrate with an offer!

    1. Let's hope that day isn't too far away :D

  4. Great title! And a very happy birthday to your latest ms! I hope all your hard work pays off! :)

  5. Love that title! Happy book birthday to it!


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