What To Buy A Writer For Christmas

Do you have a fellow writer in your life you need to get a gift for? Are you related to/married to/best friends with a writer and have no idea what to buy them? Are you just looking for something to treat yourself with? Allow this Christmas gift guide to give you a helping hand!

I've tried to provide links to sites that ship worldwide, but apologies in advance if some of it is UK/EU only.


These are essential.  Big ones, small ones, plain ones, lined ones... Writers always need a notebook or two (or twenty...) You can get great ones from bricks-and-mortar stores (places like Waterstones, Paperchase and Barnes and Noble) or online.  I also recommend Artbox, Etsy, Not On The Highstreet and, if you want something really special, Earthworks Journals.


Black pens, blue pens, red pens, highlighters, fountain pens, felt tips, pencils... it's a pretty endless option. 

Laptops and Apps

Wow, you're nice! Well, I'd recommend a Vaio... but I'm biased.

If we're talking Word Processors, Scrivener is gaining popularity.  Personally, I'm still rather fond of MS Word.  You can get also get OfficeSuite Pro for Kindles and non-Apple tablets.

Give App stores a go as well. Who knows what you'll find to give to a writer!


This is a pretty varied option, because it doesn't just have to be CDs, vinyl or an iTunes voucher. It could be a stereo system, an iPod dock, a digital radio, an iPod or alternate MP3 player, headphones... anything to help a writer get in the mood for writing.

Tea, Coffee and Other Warm Beverages

I love the idea of providing a writer with their hot beverage of choice, and these days you can get some pretty amazing tea or coffee subscriptions. What an amazing gift. You could get a hot chocolate selection, too! It's a great way to share your favourite blends/hot drinks.


Found this in a shop in Brighton. It's a real brand!

And don't forget to provide a fantastic mug ;) Here's one of my favourites:

I also rather like these, especially the one about editing.


Blankets to keep warm at the desk... or cute ice cube makers for all of you Southern Hemisphere gift buyers.  Hot water bottles, comfy cushions, desk tidies, inspiring images, comfy clothes (I recommend a nice pair of luxury sweatpants), relaxing candles... Basically, anything that can provide comfort while writers crank out all the words or dive into an edit.

Most of this is from Cath Kidston or The White Company

Oh and comfort food. Don't forget that ;)

There's a few ideas for you all. Feel free to ask any questions, such as where particular products I've take pictures of came from. And please add your own suggestions in the comments.

Happy gift buying, everyone! :D


  1. Oooh, lots of great ideas! Might I add a few of my favorites:

    A cute writer tote bag, such as the specially-designed bookbag:
    A book scarf!
    Book handbags!
    (I've added 'have a handbag made out of my own book' to the bucket list. :D)

  2. Also I'm impressed you found Writers Tears locally -- I've had no luck finding it up north!

    1. It was in a specialist whiskey shop :)

  3. How about Barnes & Noble/Waterstones/Amazon gift cards? Or a copy of ON WRITING by Stephen King if they don't have it. :)

    These are some good ideas, Cole!

    1. My copy of On Writing was a Christmas gift :D Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  4. I like getting mugs and tea, myself. Also pajamas. I think I ask for pajamas every Christmas...I like writing in pj's. Not sure why; it's just comfy. :) These are all great ideas!

    1. Writing in PJs is the best :D I feel cosy just thinking about it.

  5. Such wonderful writer pampering ideas. ^_^ I love blank books and of course all the snuggly things like warm beverages and pjs. As far as help with writing goes, I'd suggest a copy of the latest Writers Market or for those of us who write for kids Children's Writers and Illustrators Market. Another encouraging writing book is Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. And for me last year, my wishlist consisted of various novels I wanted to own. No library in Ohio seems to own a copy of A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge, but I do now!

  6. I really dig record cards at the moment. They've been great jotting down plots and notes and then sticking them up on a big board to see. ^^

    Writing in candle light with hot chocolate sounds perfect for winter writing!

    1. I love using record cards to make character bios. They're so handy!

      Yeah, candles are a great winter writing accessory ^_^


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