A Blog Award (and a hello!)

My lovely friend Lucy Grace who is an awesome hairdresser (and an even awesomer person) awarded me the Liebster Award! Yaaaaaay :D

It's for blogs with under 200 followers (but I'm getting there oooooh!).

Now I get to answer some questions and point you all towards some bloggers you all need to follow :)

1. How old are you?

Twenty-something :P I'm older than I look and younger than I feel.

2. Do you have a nickname?

Yeeeeeeees... But I tend to give them out to the children I look after...

3. If you could be an animal, what would you choose to be?

LOL! Human, thanks ;)

4. What is your favourite colour?

No one ever believes me when I say pink. Just because I'm relatively underpinked in my day-to-day life, doesn't mean I don't love the colour. When I tell people my bedroom is pink, I never get a "aw, that's nice" reaction.  I get "what, you, pink!?!?! REALLY?!?!" Yes. Me. Pink. WONDERS WILL NEVER CEASE!!!!!

...I'll get off my soapbox now...


5. What are your favourite hobbies?

Other than writing, playing the violin, photography, videogames, marathon watching Star Trek and assorted other films/tv shows and swimming to make up for all the sitting down I just did :) Oh, and "socialising with friends" but that's less a hobby and more of a human condition, don't you think?

6. How did you come to choose the title for your blog?

'Cause that's what I'm (still) doing! :D Also, I wanted it to sound like those old-school personal ads - "WOMAN SEEKS FANTASTIC AGENT TO SPEND THE REST OF HER WRITING CAREER WITH". When I get a book deal, I'll have to change it. Hmmmm... Also, the "Miss" is so y'all know I'm a woman. Oooooh, and Cole's my first name, not second.

7. What do you wish to achieve from writing your blog?

EVER LASTING FAME AND GLORY AND UNIMAGINABLE RICHES!!!!! ...or, you know, being a part of a wonderful network of fellow writers. (Seriously, it's all about the network)

8. Do you ever get writer's block?


9. What is your favourite book?

Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. To sum up my response to this book:

10. What was your favourite subject at school?

English... which is hilarious because I hated studying it so much at university I dropped it as my secondary degree.

11. Who is your ideal role model?

Her Royal Majesty. What. A. Woman! Talk about dedication to duty. If I'm half as active as she is by that age, I'll be doing pretty well for myself. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! ^_^

Now then, here are some blogs you need to follow:

Erin L. Funk - An absolutely delightful blogger. GO FORTH AND FOLLOW!
Robin Moran @ The Nook - Another great blog... COMPLETE WITH ZOMBIES AND GHOSTS!
Rachel Ballard - Fantastic blog, lovely person :D BASK IN WEB DESIGN BEAUTY!
Rebecca Barrow - Such a pretty blog and I always love to read Rebecca's posts. YOU MUST FOLLOW HER TOO!

Also, hello! Oh, how I have missed you all! Hope you've had a good two weeks. I'll catch up with everyone with tomorrow's What's Up Wednesday post ^_^


  1. I love getting to know more about you, Cole! And I honestly never would have expected you to love pink. I used to hate it as a kid because I was always dressed in it (My dad used to call me Miss Pink), but I really like it now. The Queen is totally a rad lady and an awesome role model. :-)

    1. I hated pink in childhood too - "uuurgh too girly!" but now I really like it!

      The Queen is just a legend, you know?

  2. Your answers are totally fun and several made me laugh! And I agree that Queen Elizabeth is an incredible role model. I love seeing pictures of her serving as a mechanic during WWII. What an inspirational woman!

    BTW, I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness recently and thought it was amazing! I can see why you loved it so much. Spock kicked some serious butt. I can't wait until it comes out on bluray so I can see it again!

    Thanks for mentioning my blog, Cole! I'm so pleased to be called delightful! :D

    1. I love photos from that era too. I love how she just got stuck in and helped like everyone else, even though her father didn't want her to.

      ISN'T IT AMAZING OHMIGAWD I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! Spock did kick arse. That final fight is brutal. I can't wait to own it too. It's soooo close now!

      You're welcome! Your blog is lovely ^_^

  3. Thanks so much for the Liebster Award lovin'! That is so sweet! I've been very, very slow with my blog lately and have been trying to come up with something to start back up. I think I just found it!!! And goodness, thanks for the compliment on my design!!!

    It's almost 1 am and I BURST out laughing at that little kitten. I've seen it tons of times and I always know what's coming, but each time it kills me with how hilarious it is. Gracious... I need to get myself a little cat... (and then learn how to make gifs to add to the volumes of cat gifs on the internet).

    Also, I love that you put "socializing with friends" in quotes. It belongs in quotes for me too. Both through the internet and in real life.

    Thanks again!! You made my night!

    1. You are so welcome! :D

      I know, that gif always gets me. I'd love to have a kitty like that one but allergies and asthma prevent me. UGH!

      It's a reaction to an old job of mine when I had to put that as my "hobbies" in my profile. I was like "ah, that's not exactly a hobbie..." but my boss was like "WHO CARES!?!?!?!?" ^^;

      I'm so glad! Yay :D


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