Miss Cole's Top Five Soundtrack Tracks - Videogame Edition!

Welcome to the fourth and final week of Miss Cole’s Top Five Soundtrack Tracks! We’ve reached the videogame section… and I’m going to pretend I possess a modicum of self-control….


I did ban myself from posting Final Fantasy music though. I have a whole post of that here!

 Five – Metal Gear Solid 2 Theme – Harry Gregson-Williams

The Metal Gear Solid soundtracks are a must for anyone writing anything involving a military or awesome battles. By the end of this track, you will feel like you've won a war

Four – Laura Plays The Piano – Silent Hill 2 - Yamaoka Akira

The Silent Hill soundtracks are essential horror writing music. I love the melancholy yet peaceful feel of this piano piece.

Three – Opening Theme - Breath of Fire:Dragon Quarter - Sakimoto Hitoshi

I’m so sad they never continued this RPG series.  This game is sooooo underrated, although I do get why people find it super frustrating. It’s still awesome though. My save dates back to 2004 ^^; I dig it out every so often and try to unlock more of the story.  Anyway, awesomely dramatic music is awesome.

Two – Tomb Raider Theme – Martin Iveson & Nathan McCree 

*siiiiiiigh* So pretty.  This inspired a huge section of my book RESISTANCE… that didn’t survive the second draft ^^; Oh well, never mind, let’s go adventuring!

One - Birth By Sleep -A Link To The Future- - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep -
Shimomura Yoko

Not an easy choice at all, but these soundtracks are amazing to write with and this piece will take you from drama to fun to tragedy and all the way around again. It's just beautiful.

Honourable Mentions
Ruins Dungeon – Skies of Arcadia – Minobe Yutaka & Maeda Takayuki

Ah, this game.  It’s a funny one. First play I loved it, but it didn’t really live up to a replay. The soundtrack, however, is fantastic. This piece is nicely mysterious.

The Funfair – Kingdom Hearts 3D - Shimomura Yoko

It’s SO CHEERY I don’t even care. Wheeeeeee!

Sonic The Hedgehog  3 – Ice Cap Zone – Hah hah hah haaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Aaaah, the 16bit era. Not to be underestimated! Sonic Team wish they could still make games this good.

Second Floor Mansion- Resident Evil (1996) - Ueda Masami et al

So brooding and ominous. Again, you must use the Resident Evil soundtracks if you're writing horror. And I mean the games, not the films. THE FILMS DO NOT EXIST TO ME.

Phew, that was fun! And challenging. But mostly awesome. Let me know if there's anything in there you like and, of course, please share some of your favourites too!


  1. This is so cool. It's interesting hearing these in isolation instead of hearing them incidentally in the heat of a game.

    1. I know, it makes a real difference. It's amazing the music you find in modern games. Really beautifully composed pieces.

  2. More awesome music choices! When I play video games I usually stick to puzzle/hidden object type games and those don't usually have stellar soundtracks. These are great! Thanks for sharing them!

    1. Then you should definitely play Portal and Portal 2!

      Thanks for listening ^_^

  3. *gasp* Skyrim doesn't even get an honorable mention??

    Haha. :) It's a pretty epic soundtrack, one of the reasons I like the game so much.

    1. ...Uuuum... I haven't played it ^^;


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