Miss Cole's Top Five Soundtrack Tracks - TV Theme Tune Edition

Welcome to the third week of my soundtrack posts. This week, I'll share some of my favourite TV themes with you.

I did get completely carried away this week ^^;

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Are you ready? Let's go!
Five - The X-Files Theme

This show. Ooooh this show. All that 90s paranoia seems to have come full circle again these days.  Iconic music for one of the best TV series of all times (if you ignore anything past season 7 really :P) Just listening to this makes me want to go on an EPIC rewatch.

Four - The Tomorrow People - the 90s version

Okay... this is probably the most obscure piece of music on here. I loved this show when I was little. People teleporting and going on adventures. CHILDHOOD HEAVEN! Listen to that awesome piece of 90s theme music right there. Look at how young Naomie Harris is! Marvel at a kids show with GUNS in it! The 90s sure were a different time. Yes, this is the remake of the 1970s The Tomorrow People (and apparently The CW has just made another one?!), but it's the 90s show I love.

Three - Bugs

...Actually, maybe this is even more obscure that The Tomorrow People. You tell me! WHAT A THEME! I loved this show as a little one and Ros was absolutely my hero... who I totally didn't grow up to be but hey, I can use a computer so that's close enough to her awesomeness. Basically, this was 90s "high tech" espionage drama at its best.  Watching it now is still awesome but also hilarious because everything is so, so, so out of date. But the theme tune rocks!

Two - Sherlock

While I do feel this soundtrack owes a debt of gratitude to Hans Zimmer's score from the Sherlock Holmes film, I still love this theme. I'll be humming it (or rather de da dumming it) all day.


ULTIMATE TV THEME TUNE WIN! I used to watch this on Saturday afternoon re-runs in the 90s. Ugh, just listen to that beat. What a hook.

....Can't quite believe I've managed to post David Hasselhoff's face on my blog though...

Honourable Mentions

...Of which there are many because I have no self-control.


You know you're a British 90s child when you can still sing along to this whole song.



Buffy The Vampire Slayer - All The Versions!

Look, it's simple. If you don't know the Buffy theme, you need to remedy that immediately. And then you need to watch the entire show. And then you'll have a burning need to write supernatural action! We all win!


A must for anyone writing action or a good spy novel. Also, if you haven't seen Alias, you need to sort that out. This is still one of the greatest TV shows JJ Abrams ever created.

Red Dwarf

I grew up watching Red Dwarf thanks to my eldest brother. And even 20+ years later, I'm still laughing... and singing along.

...Okay, okay, I'm done. I even got through a TV post without cheating and posting more Star Trek music (booo! The Voyager theme is beautiful). So, anything you like? Anything you want to share? :D


  1. Sherlock and Buffy are definitely great soundtracks :) Excellent list!

    1. They are, aren't they? Thanks for listening ^_^

  2. Definitely some blasts from the past there! And for whatever reason, this is like the third David Hasselhoff reference I've encountered in the last couple days. Weird!

    So I've never even heard of The Tomorrow People, but I just watched the preview for the new CW show and now I seriously can't wait for the fall! It looks awesome! Thanks for the heads up on that!

    I'd have to say two of my favourite TV themes would be Haven and Rizzoli & Isles. They both have sort of a Celtic sea shanty kind of sound to them and I like that. :)

    1. Very weird indeed!

      It's an old British series, but I may have to see how The CW treats it.

      I haven't seen either of those shows but I'll check out their themes!

  3. ...I love how many throwback theme songs you have, even if it makes me feel incredibly under-educated when it comes to TV shows. We hardly watched any TV when I was growing up (country kiddo, spent all day outside), so I'm catching up on EVERYTHING. :P
    And LOL at your honorable mentions!! Your lack of self control is fabulous. :D

    1. ...Yeah, this kinda looks like I never do anything but watch TV ^^; Believe it or not, I spent most of the time outdoors as well! ...Then came in to have epic marathons ;)

  4. I saw Knight Rider on it's ORIGINAL run... I'm not old, really. :) Another TV theme from my childhood that's a bit different is the theme to The Incredible Hulk (with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno). The opening titles theme is energetic, but the closing version is a quiet piano-based rendering. The contrast serves two purposes, I think. First, the louder, more up-tempo opening gets your attention, and the quieter ending is more contemplative as Dr. Banner leaves town yet again, a sad and lonely man. But the two versions also reflect the two aspects of Dr. Banner: the mild-mannered scientist, and The Hulk.

    All-time favourite TV theme? Without a shred of bias: Doctor Who. ;)

    1. I WAS SO SCARED OF THAT SHOW! Ohmigosh, I used to find any excuse to leave the room when The Hulk came on ^^; Now I look at it and laugh because it's so old and hilarious.


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