Cole And Her To Do Lists

The lovely Jaime Morrow made a post on the benefits of lists and goals. Because I'm working so much lately, I'm actually finding it quite helpful to make lists of what I need to do each day.

I can't show you one of my actual To Do lists because it has names and things related to my day job, but having a list I can cross off daily is a real morale booster.  Working fifty hours a week means I have to use my free time in a more structured manner, so having a daily planner is really helping me to keep up with my blogging schedule.  It's also providing a helpful reminder to write daily and practice the violin, even if I only manage a few scales.

...Could it be there is a planner inside of me, screaming to be released?


  1. Maybe there is a planner in you, trying to claw its way out. :P I find the busier I get, the more necessary it is to have some kind of day timer. When things are slower I can usually get by with little reminder notes. I think a day timer allows you to see what you need to do on a particular day, so you can focus on each of those things in (hopefully) manageable chunks. It keeps me from looking too far ahead and stressing about what's down the road. Do you find it helps you with that too? I'm still floored by your 50-hour work week. That's just bonkers! :) Your time off must be coming up really soon, if I recall correctly. Here's hoping it comes quick!

    P.S. Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. I think it focuses my mind on the week at hand and lets me set a doable amount of errands, writing and activities rather than overloading everything.

      Yeah, fifty hours isn't the best but I do like my job.

      No worries!

  2. Oh man, I'm addicted to To Do Lists. But I always write them down and then lose them. SO, I started a Google Doc (or drive or whatevs) with all of my To Do lists. I even organized it by priority, with possible To Do's as well. It's kinda obsessive, I know.

    1. Very nice! Mine's my mousepad, but I also have a little book to carry around with me.


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