Sunday Inspiration - Weather Whiplash

Oh, England, you funny country you.  Midweek it was the hottest day of the year thus far, then by Friday the wind blew straight out of October and brought lots and lots of rain.

Nothing says British Summertime more than a rainy rose

You'd think I'd be listening to lots of summery music, wouldn't you? Cheery pop with upbeat lyrics...

Except I'm editing...

(Ow, feels)

Have an awesome week everyone!


  1. Hello!! I'm pretty new to blogger but it looks like we share similar interests on here - I'm a writer too and I saw that you had creative writing and fiction on your list of interests so I thought I'd follow! Good luck with all your writing projects!

    1. Welcome to blogging and thanks for stopping by at my blog. Hope you like it! Good luck to you with your writing too.


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