Sunday Inspiration - Hello Summer!!!!!

Summer well and truly arrived in the UK this week after the longest, coldest, wettest winter and spring in decades.  All the flowers are coming out all at once and I'm so happy to finally have Sweet Williams back in my life.


Summer means different things as you get older.  As a child, it's all about freedom from school and playing all day long. As a teenager, it's still about freedom from school and hanging out with friends, although there's a good chance of a part-time job being thrown into the mix too.  Once you leave schooling behind, summer's all about the weekend... or the lovely long evenings... unless you work in a school and then for you it's all about summer holidays all over again.

...I miss working in a school...

It's a great time of year, and I'm betting all of you have songs that take you back to great moments from previous summers.  I dug into my memory and pulled out this classic:

Aaah, 90s summers in Brighton.  Ice cream and walks along the beach.  Good times!

What's your favourite summer song? Does it take you back to your childhood, your teens or yesterday? ;)


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