Learning to play the violin is awesome and exciting and I love it. I am so, so, so, so happy I'm finally learning.

But do you know what else it is? Frustrating.

I can read music fairly well, but I still struggle to translate what's on the page to what my hands need to do with the bow and the strings. My fingers won't shift to the right note or I move the bow and SCREECH. Ow.

The logical part of me says "that's because you've been learning for a matter of months, not years" and proceeds to tell me "play it again, play it better, work it out and you'll get there." So I do. Over and over and over and over.  That's the thing.  Even if I'm playing the same bar for half an hour to break the block between my mind and my instrument, so far, I've always cracked it.

Writing's a lot like that too.  You can't give up when it gets hard - and it does get hard. It's not always something you sail through.  Your characters seem flat or your location isn't detailed or you cannot get the wording right or editing the same manuscript for the eighth time proves incredibly tedious... Or you're querying and you've not heard anything for months or the rejections are mounting up...

But you persist and persevere and do you know why?

Because it's worth the trouble and the stress.  Because at the end of it all, you've got something amazing: a story no one else can tell.  And maybe, someday, an agent and then a publisher will agree with you.


  1. This is a really great metaphor, especially since writing needs to have a certain flow to it, just like music. Thanks for sharing this bit of inspiration!

  2. Nice comparison! And I am quite impressed that you're learning the violin. Go you!

  3. I love the violin. I wish I could play it.

    This is so true about writing.

    1. I decided to last year on the spur of the moment. I decided I'd spent enough time dreaming about it and had to make it a reality ^_^


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