Sunday Inspiration - Reboot!

...No, not that Reboot!

I'm talking the Hollywood kind of reboots - taking an old franchise and updating it.  We get awesome ones like Batman Begins, Casino Royale and Star Trek (FEELS!) and tons a few that we could live without.

Do you have any tired old ideas you could reboot into your next big thing? Instead of a Shiny New Idea, how about a Polished Old Idea? If you're feeling a bit uninspired right now, how about taking a look at some of your older work and seeing what could bring it up to speed.  And I'm not just talking stuff you wrote a few months back.  Go back years if you can.  You never know what you might find and what could work really well!


  1. I sort of did that with my characters in Lapse. The stories were rubbish but I loved the characters and worked on them. :)

    I've been looking through my old writing projects from university seminars. A couple have got me all excited over them again. ^^

    1. Glad to hear your characters survived if the story didn't! Sounds like fun ^_^

  2. i've just done that with a novella I wrote in 2010. It's changed a lot but it's working a lot better than what I've been working on in the last three years!


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