Sunday Inspiration - Michael Giacchino Appreciation Post (BRING TISSUES!)

Back in 2011 I did a series of posts featuring my favourite composers.  I included Hans Zimmer, Nobuo Uematsu, Michael Giacchino and Two Steps From Hell.

Today, I'm revisiting Mr Giacchino's music because if there is one thing his work can do, it is reduce you to tears.  Any time you need to create a really emotional scene, this is the composer to write with.

Just make sure you've got a lot of tissues on standby, okay?

You've all seen Up right? How many of you made it through that opening ten minutes or so without bawling your eyes out? I sure didn't.

I have yet to brave this film again. I am so glad I watched it on my own so I could just sob and sob and sob.  A minute into this piece, when it all slows down, my heart just aches with loss. And then... Actually, no. No. Can't even think about this film without getting emotional. At least the bits with the dogs are funny ^^;;;

And then, of course, there's this piece from the Star Trek soundtrack:

True story: when I first bought this soundtrack back in 2009, I listened to it on my drive to work and this piece caused me to cry so much I had to pull over. 

...And now we have Star Trek Into Darkness...

Between this and Warp Core Values, I am a wreck. A sobbing, weeping wreck.  And if you've seen it, YOU'LL KNOW WHY! Oh, and don't forget London Calling, either.  The softly played piano in that piece is absolutely beautiful. 

So, if you need to have a good cry to really get into a tragic mood for your work, those are just three of Michael Giacchino's tearjerkers.  Be sure to check out the Super 8 OST too.

...Okay, it's no good.  I can't leave us all on so much sadness.

Here's something a bit more uplifting:

Who do you like to listen to while writing the super emotional moments of your stories?


  1. Replies
    1. Not only is the music perfect, it's all so real and yet animated and yet oh my gosh why is my heart breaking?

  2. Oh good gravy, UP makes me cry every time. That whole montage with his wife Ellie is so cute and heartbreaking. The first time I saw it was in the theatre and I hate getting weepy at the theatre, but it was just such a wonderful movie.

    As far as music goes, lately I'm utterly addicted to the Tron: Uprising soundtrack. You know the one for the cartoon? (which, if you haven't seen it, is awesome, by the way) Yesterday, I was in a writing frenzy and I kept listening to the song "Goodbye Renegade" over and over. The violins get all crazy dramatic and it makes me want to write amazing things! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who finds inspiration in sci-fi soundtracks!

    1. I hate crying in public too, which is why I knew I had to wait to watch Up completely on my own.


      Oooh, "Goodbye Renegade" does sound good! I will definitely have to check out the whole OST! Thanks for recommending it!


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