Dream Town

So, this has happened in Brighton...


Seeing the clock tower wearing lots of clothes made me think about writing dreams, because this image has a dreamlike feel to it.  I love giving characters weird dreams.  I especially love using them as a harbinger of doom or to blur the line between dreams and reality. 

And it's not just the sci-fi/fantasty/horror/spec fic crowd who can have fun with dreams.  They're a great way to inject a bit of mystery into a story.  Dreams can also tell us something about a character too, like maybe they dream of some past event that haunts them, or it's the only way they can access forgotten memories.

Oooh, so many possibilities!

Oh, but the one thing you probably want to avoid at the end of a novel? She woke up suddenly.  Oh! It was all a dream! Talk about a letdown! 

Ever written a dream sequence or is this something you tend to stay away from?


  1. The Invincible Penny Lane has a few dream sequences in then. I tend to use them if the character needs to work something out, showing their subconscious revealing it to them (if that makes sense). Gotta agree about the whole dream ending as well, SUCH a disappointment LOL.

    1. Oooh, that's a great way to use dreams ^_^

      I really hope no one out there is like "but MY dream ending is totally different and it works!!!" Nooooo don't doooo iiiiit!

  2. I've never written any dreams in detail, but one of the revisions I'm working into my story involves my main character having nightmares after a traumatic experience. I didn't feel like she reacted strongly enough to what happened, so I thought nightmares would show that she was struggling to cope with it. I guess this is kind of like your example of dreams haunting a person because of some past event. Interesting post!

    1. Oooh, that sounds like a great way to convey her trauma.

      Thanks for commenting ^_^

  3. I tend to stay away. Although I'm sure in one WiP I have a character dreaming about the situation they're in with your typical odd and bizarre things happening like they're wearing their pjs or there's a classroom in a car and stuff like that.

    At least I'm assuming everyone else has bizarre little details like that in their dream...

    Just me? =/

    Oh I hate endings like that. I think a soap opera in America ended like that. Sunset Beach, I think. Worse than that... the 'they were dead to begin with' ending which I guess could be like a dream-type ending. I wasn't impressed when a TV programme I stopped watching used that ending.

    1. I wanna read that WiP!

      Nope, not just you!

      There was some American drama thing my Mum used to watch and it all ended with the dude daydreaming the whole thing in the shower or something. Not smart.


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