Sunday Inspiration - Different Experiences

Last weekend I went to the Tate Modern gallery in London.  It left me feeling very unsettled. I wanted to run out of the building and get away from it as quickly as I could.  I know modern art is open to many interpretations, but the whole place felt completely bleak to me, like some hellish vision of an empty world.  I've never experienced a feeling like that when looking at art.  I tried to find beauty in the different pieces, but I just couldn't.  The further around we went, the less happy I felt.  There's something about those huge open spaces with blank walls surrounding an installation or a painting or a sculpture that triggered a very negative response within me.  Sorry, modern art fans.  It's just not for me.  Not that art is there to provide a feeling of joy or fulfilment, but this place was too much for me.

However, I definitely can't say I wasn't inspired by the whole thing. It's a great experience to carry over into my writing, although I certainly won't be going back to the Tate Modern any time soon.

Brrr, I'm getting a chill just thinking about it.

Have you ever had a similar experience or are you a huge modern art fan?

This room wasn't so bad but..
...these lights did nothing to brighten my sombre mood.


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