Temporary Blogging Hiatus!

Soooooo I sort of forgot how busy things were going to get yesterday through 'til the 26th of March.  Veeeeeeeeeeeeery long hours at work + bridesmaid duties at my friend's wedding next weekend (today was her hen day) = radio silence.



When I return, I'm going to be posting about the research I've carried out for the second draft of my shiny new idea :D And do you know, I think I've learnt more about physics this past week than I did during my entire compulsory education.

Something tells me draft 2 will only be bigger...

So, I look forward to returning soon.  I'll keep up with blogs and Twitter as best I can.  Have a great week everyone and I'll see you all on the other side ^_^


  1. Hope the bridesmaid prep and job goes well. Have a fun rest of the month! :)

  2. Have fun with the bridesmaid duties! ;)


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