Sunday Inspiration - THE WALKING DEAD

The season finale of The Walking Dead is upon us!

Daryl - Best of the Best

So, in the spirit of, uh, Easter (cough), here's some of my favourite horror writing music!

From The Walking Dead:

Intense strings, lovely!

From Silent Hill:

So menacing. A good one for a character exploring dark places they maybe shouldn't be exploring...

UH OH! (Photo by Laura Kitto)

And finally, it's been too long since I shared something by Two Steps From Hell.

Intense and sinister.

Happy writing! And Happy Easter too! Feel free to take a cake :)


  1. *happily takes adorable Easter cake* :)

  2. I hope you know how hard I laugh every time I see that photo... ;)

    Mmmm, looks yummy! Happy Easter! <3

    1. Good times were had by all and you know it ;)

      Yummy's definitely the right word :D


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