Snow Day Post!

It snowed all day yesterday, but thankfully it didn't start settling until long after the school run.  It did, however, make getting home after work something of a challenge.

Took close to two hours to make fifteen minute journey, but we made it home in the end.

Last night...

...This morning!

I went out and about this morning before the sledging began...

Very pretty!

Pathway to the park

Snowy trees

And then this afternoon we went up on the South Downs to see the snow drifts before they melted. The drifts were so deep in places, I found myself up to my thighs in snow! I should probably point out here I am rather short :P A boy delightedly told me "the snow came up to my face!" Aw.

The snow's melting quite quickly now, unlike the snow we had in January.  Makes it hard to believe how much of a struggle it was getting around last night! The roads weren't gritted so you can imagine how awful the traffic became.  Still, an extra day off is nothing to complain about! :D


  1. Beautiful pics, despite the fact that NOBODY wants snow right now. I'm counting down the days until it's all melted and the grass is green again. :)

    1. lol, thanks! I was thinking "gosh, most the people I know online are sooooo sick of snow" but I had to share our teeny weeny amount.

  2. Replies
    1. It was! There's not much left now ^^;

  3. I am so jealous of your snow.

    Thanks for your comment on my guest post over at Carissa Taylor's blog about YA romance!

    1. It only lasted a day. Long gone now, although it's still cold ^^;

      You're very welcome! It was a great post.

  4. We did get a lot of snow south of London too. Pretty pictures! Glad you made it home safely :)

    1. Thanks! We were glad too - there were 300 accidents in Sussex because of that weather O_o


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