Sunday Inspiration

Howdy everyone! Hope you all had an awesome week ^_^ I hear there's something called a "Super Bowl" happening in the US today... enjoy that, American readers!

I've had a bit of a lazy day. I have some kind of cold/sinus/chest thing going on but I think my temperature has finally come back down to normal and while I could share details of the rather bizarre dreams I've been having (including GIANTS ON STEAM TRAINS), instead I'm going to share awesome music instead:

If it sounds familiar, it might be because of this advert:

Oh JOY Skyfall comes out on bluray this month!

And in AWESOME news - YAY my totally-pantsing-it WIP hit 15k! :D

TYPING ALL THE WORDS! Take that, germs!


  1. Aw no, get well soon! :( I think I'm starting with a bug. And I was doing so well. >_<

    But hurray for writing! Sometimes resting a cold is the perfect opportunity to try and catch up on writing.

    1. Thanks. Hope you defeat your bug quickly too :)

      Once my brain agreed to focus (it took a couple of days) I really surprised myself!

  2. Congrats on hitting 15K, and feel better soon.

  3. Haha, I love this Bruce Almighty gif ;) Good job on hitting the 15k mark!

    1. Thank you!

      That gif is a writer's friend ;)


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