A Guide To Pantsing

So, as I continue hammering out the words in my new, entirely pantsed story, I thought I'd offer you plotters a glimpse into the process.

Prepare yourselves.  This will be awesome.

Back on January 20th I was in a bit of a mood and as I stared at my laptop I knew I wanted to write something, but my attempts to plan in advance had resulted in me getting nowhere.  On that day, I knew something had to be done.  All I knew is it had to be science fiction and my character had to be a misfit in space.

Fast forward to today and my wordcount is at 53,138 and my sci-fi story is steaming onwards and my misfit character is as misfitty (I declare it to be a word!) as ever.

So how do you pants your way through 53,000 words?

Allow me to reveal the secrets!


No, really, are you ready?

1) Sit down
2) Write

That's it!


Seriously, I sit down every day and just write whatever feels right.  It's so straight-forward! No need for graphs of emotional peaks and troughs, no spreadsheets detailing what characters do what and where they do it, no weeks of careful plotting before starting the book itself.  It's all just sitting yourself down and going for it! All that plotting stuff comes later in the revision phase.  Pantsing is all about WRITING! Oh, and maybe have a cup of tea on the side, because it definitely aids the creative process.

Mmm, can never go wrong with a good cuppa!

My character might be an oddball, but she's a chatty, thinky oddball who I love.  Every day with her is an adventure and that's what pantsing comes down to - knowing your character, trusting your gut and just going for it.  Maybe my first draft is an absolute mess, but writing it is a joy! And I've got notes on things I need to research for the editing phase.  London Science Museum here I cooooome!

So, think you could let go of your plotting ways, just write and see where a tiny idea takes you?


  1. So impressed with your ability to sit down and just start writing something. I'm becoming more of a panster for the first draft but I still need some notes at least. Well done! ^^

    1. Thanks! ^_^ I might make a few notes as I go, but pretty much everything comes to me as I write.


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