It's Not Me, It's You - Miss Cole Vs Her Characters

I've started a new draft of a story that died last summer and OHMIGOSH SO EXCITED FOR ALL THE DEVELOPMENTS THAT ARE DEVELOPING!

To get to this point, I had to unravel several unnecessary plot twists... but even that wasn't enough.  And I realised my MC, lovely though she was, wasn't the right fit for the story.  So much happened around her, so much excitement and adventure, but the more I tried to force her into the plot, the less realistic things became. 

Essentially, she was the wrong person for the job.  But the great thing about fiction? She's easy to change!


When I stripped her of her passive nature and stuffed her full of passion, suddenly the whole thing worked.  The story hinges on her decision to rescue her best friend, and with my character's new personality, it's a far more believable course of action.  In the dead draft, it was more like trying to convince people Sleeping Beauty could've done a better job saving China than Mulan...

Not likely.

That original version of the character would make a good supporting character, and she'll chill out in the character bank until the day she can slip into a story.  Meanwhile, I can finally move on with the draft and its stronger MC.

How about you? Could a struggling draft benefit from a MC upgrade?


  1. Glad you've managed to put some oomph back into your draft. This has happened to me before, changing a character can immediately change the way a story unfolds.

    Good luck with your draft :)

    1. Thanks! There's nothing quite like getting back to work on a story you thought was dead and buried!


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