Midweek Motivator - Fight the Winter Blues!

We had our first snow shower today. Let's fight off those winter blues and channel some cheeriness into our moods and our writing!

The Zelda soundtracks have some great pieces, but that is one of my favourites :D

Aaaaaand because I feel the need to share some J-Pop rather than K-Pop for a change, have two of my favourite Utada Hikaru songs.

Keep Tryin' (also known as Cole's Never Stop Querying Theme!):

and, of course, Passion:

Aaaaaaaaaaah! Utada Hikaru also has a great song called "Fight the Blues" but I can't find a good version of it on Youtube. 

Wrap up, have a cuppa and smile!


  1. I am actually jealous of your snow. We still haven't had any here in MN

    1. Thankfully it didn't last long. We're not very good at dealing with it here in this part of the UK.

  2. It snowed here today, and I was so excited! It finally feels like we're getting close to Christmas.


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