Sunday Inspiration - Brighton Beach

I love going down the beach on a bright winter's morning.  It's always so beautiful and peaceful.  The wash of the sea at low tide is one of the most relaxing sounds imaginable, and for a while you can forget there's a huge city bustling behind you.

The remains of the old West Pier.

Brighton is famous for its rocky beaches

Oooooh, sinister!

Aaaand a nice cuppa to warm up

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  1. That pier is really kind of creepy. I looked up pictures of it before it looked like this, and it was really quite something. It's a shame it now looks like this. Though, it's current skeleton-like frame could inspire some stories! :)

    1. It was abandoned for a very long time and it was set on fire about ten years ago. They've had to take some of it away, but you're right, it is very creepy. Makes a nice home for all the birds though ;)

  2. Love the pictures, especially the rocks, I like rocks :-)

    1. Then you definitely need to come to Brighton ;)


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