Sunday Inspiration - Phenomenal Sky/Guest Post! :D

Hello, everyone! I’m Laura. I’ve been fortunate enough to know Cole for more than ten years, and, as I fancy myself a (completely amateur) photographer, she asked me if I’d supply a few photos for this Sunday’s inspiration post!

In my opinion, the sky is one of the most inspirational things on this planet (maybe on other planets, too, but let’s stick with what we know). It’s colorful. It’s free. It’s always there. It’s never exactly the same twice.

Sunset is generally a great time to be inspired by the sky. When the sun is near the horizon, its light is scattered by particles in the air, which is why the colors are different than what we see in the sky when the sun is overhead. (Fun fact: the reason that sunsets tend to be more vibrant than sunrises is because there are more particles in the air at the end of the day than at the start of the day.)

I love when the clouds catch the light of the setting sun and the sky glows with warm colors!

And clouds can also make the sunset ominous.

Colorful sunsets are fantastic, but the blue, cloud-filled daytime sky can be just as inspirational!

As can the nighttime sky. Instead of big, fluffy clouds, we get tiny, sparkling stars and planets (that’s Jupiter & Venus).

And, finally, you can also be inspired when you’re in the sky! Looking down from above the clouds can be a magical experience!

So, the next time you step outside (or to a window!), take a look up at the sky and see what it has to offer. I hope it will inspire you as much as it inspires me! :)

(Pssst, Cole here! There's even more awesomeness to be found on Laura's blog)


  1. Wow Laura, those are just beautiful .Thanks for much for sharing!

  2. I love the way your pictures have captured the beauty of the sky, in all the different moods. Beautiful Laura.

    1. The sky is so moody! ;) Thank you!


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