Shiny New Idea Battleground

I posted the other day about the multiple ideas floating around my skull.  Well, as of today, I've put the story I spent July and August writing aside for a new idea.  The new story was like an attention-seeking toddler, and I'm afraid I committed the ultimate sin: I gave in to the demands.

I couldn't turn down a new notebook either...

My other story fought back when a few things clicked into place... but it's never a good idea to turn your back on a toddler. Seriously, look away, look back, and the kid's climbing the shelves and reaching for the ceiling fan*.  So before my Shiny Even Newer Idea could get itself really worked up, I agreed to put pen to paper.

The point is, if one idea does take over while another languishes unfinished, worry not.  You can go back to it later - and you can write more than one idea at once.  It's totally up to you and kind of depends on how you write and balance your ideas.  Just because another writer you know is sticking to one idea doesn't mean you have to! My new idea is exciting me more right now, so that's the one I'm going to go with.  And maybe I'll reach the end of this one before something else takes over ;)

*this is not based on real life experience thank goodness.


  1. I'm facing the same sort of situation right now. I'm still revising one story, working on another, and I have at least one other story idea that's demanding attention. I'm still undecided, though. I say go for it with the SNI! You've got the momentum and excitement and you need to seize that with both hands. :)

    1. The SNI is working out very nicely right now, thank you ^_^ Good luck on choosing your next project too!

  2. The comparison of shiny new ideas with toddlers made me laugh. :)


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